Henry Ford College


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started in the nursing admission process?

It is mandatory that all prospective Nursing students attend a Nursing Information Session with Student Success Navigator, Julie Fountain. Dates are posted on the Nursing website: https://nursing.hfcc.edu/

Is there a waiting list?

There is no waiting list at HFC. The top students are admitted each fall and each winter semester based on an admission points system.

How many points do I need to get into the nursing program?

The point system is designed to take the top students, regardless of point totals. Total points for acceptance in a given application cycle depends on the quality of the pool of applicants. There is no way to predict the minimum number of points that guarantees admission. The point range will vary in each application pool.

What are my chances of acceptance?

A higher number of points increases your chance of acceptance into the program. There is no way to predict a person's chances. It will depend on the pool of qualified applicants for that specific semester. The process is competitive and one in which the numbers or quality of the pool of applicants cannot be predicted.

What can I do to increase my chances of acceptance into the Nursing Program?

To submit an application you must meet all current minimum Nursing Program admission requirements. Lack of documentation in any area will result in your being ineligible to apply. It is your responsibility to check to make sure that all admission requirements have been met and transferrable credits posted to your record. To increase your chances for acceptance, please contact the Nursing Student Success Navigator for further guidance and review of admission requirements and additional optional point items.

Should I take the ACT or SAT Exam?

Not everyone has taken the ACT or SAT Exam. If you have never taken either test, you can choose to do so. ACT and SAT preparation guides are available in most bookstores. If you choose to repeat either test to improve your score, the College will take the higher score achieved, so there is no risk in repeating the test. Exam scores must reach the college by the application deadline. A minimum of 18 on the ACT must be achieved to earn points. To obtain official ACT scores, contact www.act.org or your high school. A minimum of 860 must be achieved on the SAT to earn points. To obtain your scores, contact www.collegeboard.org.

When should I take my Nursing Admissions Test (NAT 100)?

The Nursing Admissions Test (NAT 100) must be passed within three years of date of application. It must be taken at HFC and a score of 80% must be achieved on all four areas in one exam sitting: Math, Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary to be eligible for program admission; no exceptions. After a second unsuccessful attempt, a student must wait two years from the second attempt to test again at Henry Ford College. It is suggested that students take the NAT exam prior to or early in their pre-requisite course work to assure they meet all requirements to enter the program. Note that NAT exam dates fill up early; please register well in advance of your anticipated application date. If you do not drop the NAT 100 within the published timeframe (see WebAdvisor), or you do not present on the test date, objectives not met (ONM), will be entered for the exam, this will denote one NAT failure. This applies to both first and second attempts of the NAT. To prepare for the HESI NAT exam, you can utilize resources available on the Henry Ford College Nursing website: https://nursing.hfcc.edu/admissions

Are there any other requirements for program admission besides pre-requisite courses and the NAT exam?

Once admitted to the program, there are physical, psychological, and sensory requirements that are necessary for patient care at clinical agencies as part of their course work. In order to participate in clinical experiences, students will need to pass a criminal background check, drug screen, and meet minimum age requirements.

Should I repeat Anatomy and Physiology courses?

A passing grade of C or better in Anatomy and Physiology I and II are valid if completed within five years of application to the Nursing program. If taken between five and ten years prior to application, you may repeat A & P I and/or II or you may be eligible for Biology 134 – a “refresher” course. If taken more than 10 years prior to application, you must repeat both courses. Before registering, consult with the Nursing Student Success Navigator to select the appropriate course(s).

Does my volunteer or work experience help?

You can submit letters of reference and/or documentation of volunteer hours completed. These documents do not earn additional points, but may be considered during the application review process.

How many students are admitted each year?

Approximately 120 students are accepted in both the Fall and Winter semesters (240 per year). When an accepted student declines the invitation to start the program, he or she must re-apply if they desire admission in a future semester.

Will I still get accepted with a "C" in any program - required course?

You are eligible to apply with a minimum grade of "C" in pre-requisite courses; however, admission GPA requires a minimum of 2.7 on program pre-requisite courses. Requisite courses can only be attempted twice. Two failures in a required course within 5 years prior to admission will deem you ineligible to apply to the program.

How do I know if I have everything complete and I am eligible to apply?

It is recommended that you make an appointment with the Nursing Student Success Navigator, Julie Fountain, to review application and program requirements well in advance of the application deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is complete and contains all necessary documentation and attachments. You may contact Ms. Fountain at 313-317-6807 or jafountain@hfcc.edu.

Do Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) get special treatment?

There is an Advancement of LPN to RN program at HFC. LPNs who are interested in the program must meet all criteria to apply. There are additional application requirements for this program. Interested LPNs are advised to meet with the Nursing Student Success Navigator.

Can I earn points for a previously earned degree or health related certification or license?

Yes, students can earn points based for a previously earned Associate, Baccalaureate, or Master’s degree; and for current certification or licensure as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, Licensed Emergency Medical Technician, Licensed Respiratory Therapist, Registered Occupational Therapist, and Registered Physical Therapy Assistant.

What if I fail a required course twice?

Two failures in a required course will deem a student ineligible to apply to the Nursing program for five years from the date of the first failure. A student can apply for academic forgiveness at five years from the first failure through the Registration and Records office.