Henry Ford College


Student Costs

Tuition and Payment

View tuition and payment information on the HFC website.

The College is enforcing tuition and registration deadlines in a firm and consistent manner, meaning all deadlines are strictly adhered to and are non-negotiable. If you are dropped from a class due to non-payment, you will NOT be permitted to re-enroll in that class, but will be withdrawn from the Nursing Program. Refer to the program withdrawal policy in the Nursing Student Handbook. Information about deadlines is repeatedly communicated via HawkMail, the HFC website, and HFC Self Service.

Other Fees

First semester fees include uniform, lab bag, book bundle and mandatory standardized testing fees. Lab fees/course fees are associated with all nursing courses.


ACEMAPP assessments and health updates must be done annually (fee approximately $50); all must remain current.


Costs will vary from semester to semester, depending on the required books.

Recommended texts serve to supplement required learning materials and are not required to be purchased. Course materials are available in the HFC College Store. Most materials purchased for the first Semester are used throughout the Nursing Program. Due to the rapid changes in health care, textbooks are frequently updated through new editions. The Nursing Department cannot guarantee “book buyback” at the College Store. We do encourage student nurses to keep their textbooks for later reference.

Students are encouraged to subscribe to one or more nursing journals, often available at reduced rates. Some recommended journals include: American Journal of Nursing, Nursing (Year), RN.


  • There are fees associated Michigan licensure following graduation.
  • There is no HFC graduation fee. There are costs for a cap and gown, and a nursing pin. Caps and gowns are required for pinning and commencement. Nursing pins are optional as is participation in the pinning ceremony and commencement. Cost of a pin depends on the type ordered. These costs are the graduate's responsibility; prices are available in the bookstore.
  • Individual and class photos (optional) are available for purchase; costs vary.


1. Hospitalization

Students must assume responsibility for all expenses incurred due to illness or injury during clinical experience. Students are not covered by Workmen’s Compensation through the hospital. Free Emergency Room services are NOT provided.

Each student must bring his/her copy of hospitalization insurance to the Nursing Office, N-120, by designated date. Students are not allowed in clinical area without evidence of current health insurance coverage.

2. Professional and Personal Liability

The College assumes no responsibility for students’ personal liability, even when guided by an instructor in clinical experiences. Nursing students are legally responsible for their own acts and held to the nursing standards of care at the level of the nursing courses taken.

Malpractice insurance costs for students are covered by monies from the lab fees charged by HFC.