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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements / pre-requisites for the program?

NAT 100
English 131
Psychology 131
A&P Bio 233
Math 110 (109, 115, 131, 141, 175, 180 are also accepted) Note that for admission for Fall 2018 - this will change **to Math 115, 131, 141, 175 or 180
HCS 131 **Note that for Fall 2018 - this will change
to allow HCS 131 or CIS 100

Is there a Nursing admissions test?

Yes. The Nursing Admissions Test (NAT 100) is required to be taken at HFC for admittance into the program. We require the HESI/Elsevier exam and do not accept the TEAS, nor the NET test. Only two attempts are allowed to achieve the scores necessary to be eligible for program admission. The Learning Lab offers free assistance to prepare for this exam.

The NAT requirements are:

  • Math proficiency at 80%
  • Reading composite proficiency at 80%
  • Grammar proficiency at 80%
  • Vocabulary proficiency at 80%

  • A passing score of 80% on all four areas of the NAT exam is required to be eligible for admission to the nursing program.

  • Scoring less than 80% in any subject area of the exam will require you to re-take the entire exam.
  • The NAT exam must be passed within three years prior to submission of your program application.
  • The NAT exam must be taken at HFC. Students are allowed two attempts every 2 years from the date of the second attempt.

Placement tests and all admission requirements must be completed before students are considered for admission to the program.

What is a typical class and clinical weekly schedule?

First semester students typically have 2 days of class and one 6.5 hour day of clinical. The first 8 weeks of your clinical will be here at HFC School of Nursing in the skills lab. Second, third and fourth semester students will have 2 days of class and 2 days of clinical. Clinical rotations can be day time, evening, or during the weekend.

What is the dress code?

The program Dress Code/Uniform Expectations are described at length in the Nursing Student Handbook which can be found on this website. Students are advised to review carefully specific uniform requirements. Our agency partners expect students to adhere to the program and agency dress codes to participate in clinical experiences. Students are expected and required to be familiar with all policies as stated in the current handbook. Nursing Student Handbooks are revised annually. With program admission, students must attend a mandatory program orientation that includes policy review. Clinical attire is not required for classroom instruction.

The dress code includes but is not limited to:
- No acrylic nails - No nail polish
- Facial hair (beards, sideburns, and mustaches) must be clean, short, no longer than 1/2" from the face, and
neatly trimmed
- Hair must be off the shoulders, and pulled back
- No gauges are allowed
- No visible tattoos are allowed

What is the absence policy?

Students are allowed two clinical absences over the course of the four semesters of course work. For classroom attendance, the program faculty follow the college policy.

What is the actual cost of the program?

The Henry Ford College website (www.hfcc.edu) has information regarding tuition and fees under the tab "Tuition and Financial Aid".
There are additional costs such as: lab fees, technology fees, and contact hours that are not included in the per credit hour cost.
The estimated cost for the entire nursing program is approximately $12,500 to 14,500.

Please click on the HFC Tuition calculator below:

Can I work while I am in the Nursing Program?

We advise that students work as little as necessary. The necessary study time that each student will need to be successful in various program classes will vary. Nursing students are on campus or at clinical 3 to 4 days per week for varying hours: for example, a second semester student has 7 hours of class and 13 hours of clinical. This means that without counting travel time, students will be in class or in a clinical experience 20 hours per week in addition to the time they will need to set aside to study.

If I have questions about the program or application process who can help me?

There are mandatory Nursing Program Information sessions that are conducted by Julie Fountain who is the Student Success Navigator for Nursing. Session dates and times can be found on this website.

I have a question about your Pre-Nursing program.

The Pre-Nursing program and the Nursing program are different programs. It can get confusing navigating and understanding the admission requirements and pre-requisites required for these two programs. There are mandatory Nursing Program Information sessions that are conducted by Julie Fountain who is the Student Success Navigator for Nursing. Session dates and times can be found on this website. Julie can also help navigate the differences between the Nursing Program and the Pre-Nursing Program. All students interested in entering the Nursing profession will likely be in the "Pre-Nursing" major. Some of these students plan on transferring to a four year institution for admission into a nursing program of study. Others, are interested in the HFC Nursing Program. Students interested in the HFC Nursing Program should attend a Nursing Program Information session with Julie Fountain to assure they are taking the correct classes to apply to the HFC progrtam. There are classes in the Pre-Nursing Major that are not required for the HFC Nursing Program.

What is the Advancement of LPNs to RNs Nursing Program?

This program is designed for Licensed Practical Nurses who are interested in becoming a Registered Nurse. Qualified applicants can earn credit for prior learning for NSG 117 course. Application deadlines for this program are the same as the RN Program admission deadlines. Interested students should see Julie Fountain, Student Success Navigator for Nursing, at the Welcome Center building WC on the first floor.

Julie Fountain, MA, LPC Student Success Navigator - Nursing Henry Ford College Welcome Center Advising 5101 Evergreen Rd. Dearborn, MI 48128 Phone: (313) 317-6807 Email: jafountain@hfcc.edu